Belbin’s Team Roles

Based on Belbin’s Team Role Theory:

Our group had a good mix of team roles and strengths and weaknesses. A couple times we ran into problems where we got off task for a little while or where we didn’t quite know what to do next. However, there were some people that expressed different team roles that allowed us to get back on track and complete our goals. As for missing roles, we did not really have a monitor-evaluator. Usually we picked an idea and went with it. This group project had some structure that was required to follow and since we have lives outside of school the time constraints didn’t allow for too much exploring of any options.


Scott (Implementer)- He showed this by charging into action when the spaghetti activity was presented to the class. He immediately knew what to do and the rest of the group followed suit. Also when we were doing some activities that were completely unknown to us he was very good at explaining those things to us.

Reonna (Coordinator)- Acted as the leader by making sure we stayed on task and trying to make sure we completed our goals and everything that we were supposed to do.
Sent out emails to inform the group of things that we all needed to do.

Ankit (Specialist)- He created the initial blog website and chose the delightful background. Basically he provided the template for us all to work on and he worked efficiently at it.

Donovan (Team Worker)- Was always encouraging the team members to have fun and congratulating us all on a job well done and was very people oriented. He was the one that asked for the hat when we required that material for one of our activities.

Alexis (Team Worker)- Also another team worker, was very enthused throughout the team building exercises and never once complained about anything. Made it a good time doing the exercises by being upbeat and engaged.


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